Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cover Girl, Part 1

Ginger on the cover of "Popular Songs" magazine, April 1935.


I bought this magazine at an antique store today. Unfortunately, there are no articles on Ginger in it which I was sort of surprised by, since she is on the front cover. But it is a beautiful cover either way.


  1. Great find, Jen! I have thought about trying to start getting some of the movie mags... is weird that there was no Ginger article within it...wonder what 'popular song' ginger had at the time? 1935 had Roberta, Top Hat, and In Person, but Gay Divorcee was late 34, so maybe The Continental was still rolling in the Spring of '35...

  2. I HAVE THIS TOO!!!! It's still awesome though because it has a lot of sheet music in there to play. Though I haven't been able to play piano in a while since I'm at school.


  3. Hi, Jennifer!

    This is JWalker from Gingerology...just letting you know I have changed my 'title' to VKMfan from jwalker... thanks!

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