Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cover Girl, Part 1

Ginger on the cover of "Popular Songs" magazine, April 1935.


I bought this magazine at an antique store today. Unfortunately, there are no articles on Ginger in it which I was sort of surprised by, since she is on the front cover. But it is a beautiful cover either way.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quick Note

I've decided to speed things up a bit with the poll. Since I've been gone so much, I think we need to get this movieg! We're only on 1933 and there's lot more to get to. I'm going to make this poll open for one week only. So instead of the usual two weeks, it's going to close next Saturday. Not that I have a set end date for this or anything, but it seems like you guys usually vote quickly anyway once I put up the new poll.

Just wanted to let you all know that so you can surely have time to vote. :)


I's time to continue on with the poll! We are now moving on to 1933. Since Ginger made 10 movies during that year, I'm going to split it up into two parts. Part 1 is the first half of films she made that year, and part two the second half. And after we choose from those two lists, a poll will go up between those two choices to pick the winner for 1933.

Oh, and The Thirteenth Guest clearly won for 1932 with 6 votes.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some people just have the worst luck. I'm one of them.

Okay I actually have a legitament reason for not updating lately. Really. That reason is: my computer crashed. It happened a few weeks ago and I lost everything. Including all of my Ginger pictures, my iTunes, future YouTube videos. Everything, gone. I was and still am so upset. Anyway I'm without a computer right now so you won't be seeing much of me unless my dad let's me use his once in a while (he doesn't really like me using his computer unless it's for school purposes). I probably won't get my own computer until August when I go away to school, unless I get a surprise on Christmas morning. But now I'm typing on my iPod which is quite difficult and I want to do my topics justice, so I won't be posting much. I'll try to update the poll asap though.

OH, and to my followers who celebrate, I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving tomorrow! Eat lots of good food, spend time with family, be thankful for what you have, and watch Fred and Ginger! You know I had to sneak Ginger in there somewhere, and promote the TCM Fred and Ginger Thanksgiving marsthon. They are certainly something to be thankful for. :D

Monday, October 19, 2009

Another poll has ended!

I'm sorry for being so inactive here lately. My reason is school-related, as usual. But know it's time for me to get back on top of things! I completely forgot about the 1931 poll and I still need to put up the poll for 1932. I also need to update my movie list! Gee, I didn't realize how long it's actually been since I've updated here! Anyway, onto the latest poll results...

The Tip Off was clearly the winner for 1931. I personally liked this one best, mainly because in the other two, Ginger is hardly even in them which makes it hard for me to sit through them since most of the other actors/plot doesn't interest me much. When you're just watching them for Ginger, they can get while waiting for her to come on. With the exception of Honor Among Lovers, because I am a Claudette Colbert fan, but I still kept "where is Ginger??".

Oh, and I picked the tie-breaker for 1930! Yes, Queen High was my choice. Ginger was so cute in that one! And the songs were catchy, too. I'm going to make a list of the winners beneath my movie list so they can be referred back to easily.

We now move on to the Ginger films of 1932: Carnival Boat, The Tenderfoot, The Thirteenth Guest, Hat Check Girl, and You Said A Mouthful. Let's see which film comes out on top of this list!

I promise I'll update more this week! I've got more to say!


Oh, P.S. If anyone votes for Hat Check Girl on this poll, I'm making it mandatory that you comment and say where you found it!! Because last time I asked about Campus Sweethearts no one responded. And Hat Check Girl is essential since it's actually one of her films and not just a short. ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Ultimate Ginger Movie

My goal: Find the ultimate Ginger movie based on fans votes.

I'm going to do polls for each year Ginger made films (with the exception of the years she only made one film). Then at the end I'll put all of the chosen films from each year into a poll and hopefully we'll be able to pick one film as the ultimate must see/watch/favorite Ginger movie!

Since I didn't think up a tie-breaker for the poll, I think I'll do what jwalker suggested and choose myself. I know I said I wasn't going to vote on this one, but this is a must! We don't want any ties... I just need to watch Queen High and The Sap From Syracuse, which I will hopefully find time to do this weekend. It's too bad I don't have Campus Sweethearts...

Anyway, I put up the 1931 poll, so go ahead and start voting! :D


P.S I'm voting on this one, just so you know! :) So this time I can't be a tie-breaker if there are ties. For some reason, I dont think there will be though.

Friday, October 2, 2009

One more day

Hi all! Just want to tell you it's the last day to vote in the 1930 movie poll, so if you haven't voted yet, and would like to, go vote before midnight tomorrow night!

So far, there is 1 vote for Follow The Leader, and a tie for the lead each with 2 votes is Queen High and... Campus Sweethearts!

I'm trying to figure out the Ulitmate Ginger movie based on fans votes, so please, let's not try to not have any ties! I'll explain more about this in another post.

Also, Whoever voted for Campus Sweethearts, if you don't mind me asking, where did you find it?!?