Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some people just have the worst luck. I'm one of them.

Okay I actually have a legitament reason for not updating lately. Really. That reason is: my computer crashed. It happened a few weeks ago and I lost everything. Including all of my Ginger pictures, my iTunes, future YouTube videos. Everything, gone. I was and still am so upset. Anyway I'm without a computer right now so you won't be seeing much of me unless my dad let's me use his once in a while (he doesn't really like me using his computer unless it's for school purposes). I probably won't get my own computer until August when I go away to school, unless I get a surprise on Christmas morning. But now I'm typing on my iPod which is quite difficult and I want to do my topics justice, so I won't be posting much. I'll try to update the poll asap though.

OH, and to my followers who celebrate, I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving tomorrow! Eat lots of good food, spend time with family, be thankful for what you have, and watch Fred and Ginger! You know I had to sneak Ginger in there somewhere, and promote the TCM Fred and Ginger Thanksgiving marsthon. They are certainly something to be thankful for. :D


  1. OOOOF... I just felt my stomach turn over upon hearing of your MAJOR loss... that's VERY rough, Jen - so sorry about that... hopefully you can retreive things back or get copies of things, whatever... I have burned all the movies to DVD, but I have LOTS of pictures and other VKM stuff that desperately need backing up!
    Hang in there! Get Ho-Ho to bring you a new computer!!! GINGERMANIA MUST BE PRESERVED!!!


  2. Awww, thanks Huey! Fortunately I had already put all the movies I got off Gormogon onto DVDs, but I did lose every Ginger picture I had and I didn't have all of them saved in other places. I'm telling you now BACK UP EVERYTHING! Because you never know when you're going to need it again. Especially the Ginger stuff. Oh, I hope I'll get a new computer! :)

    I'm going to update the poll later tonight.

  3. Good deal, least you have the Movies! And really, the pics are pretty easy to come by, but it is just a hassle to go grab them all again...heck, I have like, 500 VKM pics stored up...probably need to burn a backup, or even buy a thumb drive to store them in.
    Hope you get back on track soon! And hope Thanksgiving was a good one, all things considered!

    VKMfanHuey - POTENTIALLY my new 'handle'...

  4. OUCH. That's one big virtue of having tangible items. And I think I treasure my printed Ginger memorabilia the most anyhow. Do you have some good print items? Then at least those won't go down with virtual files.
    I don't have anything backed up. If this laptop dies (but it better not... it's 2 months old) there goes photos and videos. If the external hard drive blows... That's going to suck for me as I haven't backed it up. I should do that soon. I have a lot of my Ginger pictures on photobucket...

    YES! 'Huey' is really catching on!!!


  5. VKMfanHuey :): Yeah, at least I had the movies! I think I would've just about died if I lost those! It is a hassle re-saving all of the pictures, but in the process I've rediscovered a lot of my favorites. I may just do a post here soon with all of my favorite pictures.

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving as well! Btw, I saw your Ginger Thanksgiving post, and that was just great! Too bad it couldn't have actually happened!

    Lauren: I did print some of my favorite Ginger pictures. Like the one I have as my profile icon on YT for instance, and a few other ones that I absolutely adore. I just started a photobucket a few days ago for all of my Ginger pictures. I've been re-uploading them all so they're in one place and easy to find. And if this ever happened again I won't lose any of them.