Saturday, November 28, 2009


I's time to continue on with the poll! We are now moving on to 1933. Since Ginger made 10 movies during that year, I'm going to split it up into two parts. Part 1 is the first half of films she made that year, and part two the second half. And after we choose from those two lists, a poll will go up between those two choices to pick the winner for 1933.

Oh, and The Thirteenth Guest clearly won for 1932 with 6 votes.


  1. YAY! I have been waiting for this! NOW, trying to figure out which one...each one has its merits...but honestly, the most 'Gingery' of this bunch is 'Professional Sweetheart', so I am going to have to go with that...although perhaps my ALL-TIME favorite scene for VKM is 'We're in the Money' from Gold Diggers... It is obviously the defining moment in her 'pre-Fred' career...

  2. What am I supposed to base it on? I chose my favourite movie in general out of those, which is 42nd Street. I LOVE 42nd Street. That's one that I have a true DVD for. That's saying something!


  3. Lauren - 42nd Street is a pretty good OVERALL movie, and does have some cool Ginger scenes ('Shuffle Off to Buffalo' rocks!), but I am just assuming this poll is based on overall 'Gingerness'...but then again, I guess Professional Sweetheart would ALWAYS come out on top for 'Gingerness' with these choices...