Monday, October 19, 2009

Another poll has ended!

I'm sorry for being so inactive here lately. My reason is school-related, as usual. But know it's time for me to get back on top of things! I completely forgot about the 1931 poll and I still need to put up the poll for 1932. I also need to update my movie list! Gee, I didn't realize how long it's actually been since I've updated here! Anyway, onto the latest poll results...

The Tip Off was clearly the winner for 1931. I personally liked this one best, mainly because in the other two, Ginger is hardly even in them which makes it hard for me to sit through them since most of the other actors/plot doesn't interest me much. When you're just watching them for Ginger, they can get while waiting for her to come on. With the exception of Honor Among Lovers, because I am a Claudette Colbert fan, but I still kept "where is Ginger??".

Oh, and I picked the tie-breaker for 1930! Yes, Queen High was my choice. Ginger was so cute in that one! And the songs were catchy, too. I'm going to make a list of the winners beneath my movie list so they can be referred back to easily.

We now move on to the Ginger films of 1932: Carnival Boat, The Tenderfoot, The Thirteenth Guest, Hat Check Girl, and You Said A Mouthful. Let's see which film comes out on top of this list!

I promise I'll update more this week! I've got more to say!


Oh, P.S. If anyone votes for Hat Check Girl on this poll, I'm making it mandatory that you comment and say where you found it!! Because last time I asked about Campus Sweethearts no one responded. And Hat Check Girl is essential since it's actually one of her films and not just a short. ;)


  1. ...actually, I think Return on the 'G' has seen Campus Sweethearts, but just at a film festival or something...did not have a copy, if I remember correctly...
    Anyway, hope school is treating you well! Hang in there... the holidays will be here before you know it!
    As for 1932, I went with 'The Tenderfoot', just because...for some reason, I kinda liked that movie...Joe Brown is MUCH better in that one than in 'mouthful', IMHO... of course, the Ginger factor is not as 'intense' as in 13th Guest, and I think '13th' will probably win this poll, so I kinda just picked my 'alternate choice'... I like to go off the beaten path every now and then...
    And I am with you on Hat Check Girl, although I really think Ginger's part is as a 'sidekick' at best, according to the TCM writeup on probably would not be at the top of the '32 list, anyway...

    BTW - thanks for the G-ology poll response - glad you liked it!

    BTW #2 - How are you going to do 1933? You know she made 9 or 10 (depending on which you trust more, TCM or Ginger's Biography) that year...reckon it would be best to split them up 5 + 5... yep, I shore dew reckon... sorry, guess I am reminded of the Tenderfoot dude... :-)

  2. Return has seen them all except her first one. So if he can't find it, it must be really lost!


  3. Well, at least we know it exists!

    jwalker: Yeah, I was planning on splitting it up, 5 and 5. Then I'll do a poll between those two choices to get the 'best Ginger film of '33'.

  4. COOL! 33 will be a tough one to decide on... this was when she was 'hitting her stride' a bit in making movies... I would have to say the first 5 of 'Gold Diggers' is what really put her on the map, so it's kinda tough to go against that... but 'Rio by the Sea-o' is there as well, which was the 'watershed moment' for her and Freddie... so it will be interesting...

    BTW...looks like you have knocked out quite a few more movies! How are things on the 'G'? Lauren has 'Perfect Strangers' and I have 'Forever Female'...we both need to get them over there...

  5. Jennifer, where art thou? Hope all is going well for you! I know you have studies and everything, so hopefully by Thanksgiving you will be 'free'...
    Hang in there!!! JWalker - VKMfan.