Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Ultimate Ginger Movie

My goal: Find the ultimate Ginger movie based on fans votes.

I'm going to do polls for each year Ginger made films (with the exception of the years she only made one film). Then at the end I'll put all of the chosen films from each year into a poll and hopefully we'll be able to pick one film as the ultimate must see/watch/favorite Ginger movie!

Since I didn't think up a tie-breaker for the poll, I think I'll do what jwalker suggested and choose myself. I know I said I wasn't going to vote on this one, but this is a must! We don't want any ties... I just need to watch Queen High and The Sap From Syracuse, which I will hopefully find time to do this weekend. It's too bad I don't have Campus Sweethearts...

Anyway, I put up the 1931 poll, so go ahead and start voting! :D


P.S I'm voting on this one, just so you know! :) So this time I can't be a tie-breaker if there are ties. For some reason, I dont think there will be though.


  1. Great poll, Jen!
    I went with 'The Tip-off', as much as anything it had alot of 'firsts' for Ginger... first RKO movie, first blonde movie, and first Hollywood movie... so I guess the 'precedents' set swayed the vote.

    Keep it Gingery!

  2. I haven't seen any of these 1931 films yet, so I voted for the one that I want to see first - Honor Among Lovers. :)

  3. Oh wow the Tip Off won and that's the only Ginger movie out of those three I haven't seen yet! I need to step on it. I would not have voted for Suicide Fleet, that's for sure. Ginger was in it a lovely total of about 10 minutes. I suffered through that movie-- SUFFERED. Talk about suicide. It took me 5 days to finish.