Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ginger is 'Sitting Pretty'

I desperately want to see Sitting Pretty (1933), but haven't been able to find it anywhere! Does anyone know where I could find it? These clips from YouTube are torturing me...

I think the second one is my favorite. She's so adorable!
BTW, do you think Ginger is really playing the piano in that clip? It certainly looks like it to me. She did know how to play in real life, and it has been established that she played in the "I've Got It But It Don't Do Me No Good" scene from Young Man of Manhattan, too.



  1. Well, there IS a place where many Ginger movies are located...
    If you are interested, just e-mail me -
    ...I have a copy of Sitting Pretty, but quite frankly, the quality of it ISN'T Pretty, unfortunately... but it is mediocre enough to get the general idea of the movie... and Ginger's 'main' roles come thru pretty fair... in fact, it really looks like the YT clips are the exact same copy - Ginger's singing gets cut short in "Did You Ever..." ARGH! really should not bug me THAT much, but it just...does.

  2. Yeah, I was wondering if the "Did You Ever..." clip was supposed to skip like that. That's a shame. I wanted to hear the end of Ginger's part... Well, it's good to know your copy is the same as the YT clips, since they aren't really that horrible.

  3. Well, just wondering if you did get the copy of S.P. - hopefully worked out ok - even with the bad copy, it is somewhat easy to follow...