Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh Men! Oh Women! (1957)

I just watched this movie, and to be honest... it wasn't what I was expecting. First off, I thought Ginger would be in it more, since she was second billed. It really bothers me when my favorite stars get high billing in a picture then they are hardly in it. It was a decent movie though, just drawn out at parts. I adore David Niven, and he was marvelous as usual. But the rest of the cast besides him and Ginger just started to get on my nerves. They were annoying! There were some funny parts (particularly Ginger's scenes. I just love her facial expressions!), but I guess I just expected it to be more.... (in the words of jwalker:) 'Gingery'. ;) I would watch it again though, if only to watch Ginger and hear her say "I want to feel NECESSARY" (Hahaha I loved that part!)

Ginger's role in this movie got me thinking about another film where she played the woman on the psychiatrist's couch (and also needed a man to make her happy)-- I am speaking of Lady In The Dark, of course. Which she made just 14 years earlier.



  1. ...well, first off, I better give credit where credit is due... Beth (Finding Ginger) came up with 'Keep it Gingery!" - just wanted to clear that up... but it's such a COOL expression!!!

    Now, as for OMOW -(that's a neat abbreviation!) - It was not as 'Gingery' as I thought it would be, but it was ok - the large scene in the middle where everyone was in the 'other lady's' apartment went on a bit too long for me, w/o Ginger... but I guess it was a decent movie overall. Easy to see this was 'adopted' from a stage play (I assume, anyway...but you know what that usually gets you...), since there are only like, three different settings in the whole movie, it seems...
    Angel Ginger was kinda neat... but somewhat redundant, as Ginger usually is pretty angelic in my eyes anyway :-)
    It's a bit 'melancholy' to watch this one, knowing it was Ginger's last MAJOR studio movie... (Her last two movies, "The Confession" and "Harlow" were both from low budget studios, and frankly each pretty lame... Ginger does her thing in them, but otherwise...) but OMOW is watchable, even when Ginger is not there... and enough plot to keep you wondering where it is ultimately going.

    And don't get me started on one of my faves, 'Lady in the Dark', ok,Jen?,Jen...JENNY? :-]

  2. Well, then, in Beth's words... it is a cool expression!

    It was good, but for Ginger being second billed I thought she would be in it more! But the scenes she was in were great, as usual.

    Hahaha!! :)

  3. Oh yes - a movie with 5 minutes of Ginger in it is still well worth the price of admission!

    She had a lot of 'Star Power', obviously, so I think sometimes in her later movies, she would get top or near top billing, even if she wasn't the central character... nothing wrong with that (see opening statement)...