Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Great Ice Cream Debate

We all know Ginger loved ice cream (who doesn't? *wink*). But, "what was her favorite flavor?" you might be asking. Well, there's been a debate going on over at Lauren's blog about this very topic.

Here's my two cents.

Personally, I think her favorite flavor was vanilla. I don't know why, but it seems so... American, I guess. Like Ginger, who was once referred to as being "as American as apple pie." So it just seems to fit her.

Another reason I think this could be because of these photos:

(Ginger with dance director Hermes Pan taking an ice cream break during the filming of Swing Time, 1936)

(Ginger making herself a delicious-looking ice cream sundae at her home soda fountain, 1937)

I know they're in black in white, but it still looks like vanilla to me. The second photo for certain. Now that I look back at the first picture though, it does look a little more like chocolate, but that could just the lighting or shadow or something. Either way, I'm still sticking with vanilla.

But then again, since Ginger loved ice cream so much, maybe she didn't have a favorite, maybe she loved them all. As long as she had ice cream, she was happy!



  1. Great pics, Jen!
    Well, it is pretty obvious the second picture is vanilla, but...hm...maybe she is just making it for someone else! (sorry, just playing the ol' devil's advocate here... and trying to keep from hyperventilating, dreaming about me sitting there at the counter and Ginger making me a sundae...I can hear her now... "..why yes, I DO have some strawberry! It IS my favorite, you know! When I do these publicity shots, though, I have to use vanilla, so it shows up better...you know, the Grayscale effect and all that! But when all the publicity hounds leave, I'll break out the strawberry just for you, darling...") BTW...I really, REALLY love the way she says 'Darling!'
    ...But, really, probably due to just availability, vanilla and chocolate were probably the top two of the day (and still probably are now...seems like someone said vanilla is STILL the most popular) - and if I had to pick between those two for VKM, just couldn't decide...
    I think she pretty much went with a 'variety', or as much variety as one could obtain in the world of ice cream back then...
    ok, I am through...for now, I guess :-] (sorry for the epic post, Jen!) (and also sorry for the excessive use of parentheses...I will tone them down some..) (honest...)

  2. Well one thing to note, just because someone has a favourite flavour doesn't mean they eat it all the time.
    Maybe she liked neapolitan? :)
    I'm not surprised vanilla is popular, it really is good! I like that one best out of the vanilla/strawberry/chocolate.
    HAHA jwalker after your 'darling' comment I was trying to remember an instance when Ginger uses the word. I can't think of anything. How do you recall that?
    'the Grayscale effect and all that' - YAY that makes you sound like a photographer :D
    Haha you always apologize for your writing! Now I really see how important all those essays for school are...
    I understand everyone just fine! So what if there are three sets of parentheses in one sentence? :D


  3. ...the 'darling' thing is more 'latter-day' Ginger... I believe she uses it quite a bit in 'Monkey Business'...it just seems like the 'term of endearment' she would use in real life for her 'enderarer' (how's THAT for a manufactured word? :-) ).
    I am learning...definitely becoming more accoustiomed to 'Grayscale'... at least the basic idea! Photography was always an intriguing concept, but never got around to do much with it...now with digitals, tho, it might be a bit easier, although I know 'serious' photogs use serious cameras...
    As for the parentheses, I had a teacher one time who loathed them, so I am always kinda tenative when it comes to using them...plus, you always have to hold down 'shift', which wears out my pinky :-P ...heh heh.

  4. I saw Monkey Business... but a while ago!
    Awww jwalker's growing up and using made up vocab words! I'm so proud of you!! :D
    Yes Grayscale! That's why my blog has that name. :) Black and white photography is my favourite kind. You should try film. It produces a much better picture. You'll look more professional, haha!

    So during my senior year in high school I was correcting my friend's paper for English and I kept reading but I felt like I was reading the sentences at the speed of light, then I realized there wasn't one comma in the whole essay. 'Where are the commas??' My friend said, 'I never know where to put them so I just don't use them.' See? You aren't that bad! I suppose you could always use brackets even though that isn't a real substitute...


  5. Haha! jwalker, you are hilarious! ;)

    If my memory serves me right, she says 'darling' in Vivacious Lady too...

  6. ...Ah, one of the BEST - Vivacious Lady... you are correct (it seems like she reserved that phrase for the actors she REALLY liked...Cary, Jimmy... those lucky dawgs)...I think that one will always be a fave of mine because it may be one of the FIRST Ginger movies I ever saw... although I can't for the life of me remember the VERY first one... one of those things I will ever be remoreful about...
    BTW - Lauren asked a few responses back how I remember things that Ginger says... you know, I can't explain it, other than...I am hopelessly obsessed with VKM and hang tenaciuosly onto every word she utters? ...Oh, and also, once you turn 40, you automatically obtain a photographic memory... :-) If you believe THAT, may I interest you in a new Blu-ray copy of 'Hat Check Girl' which I just received today from my buddy Teddy Turner? <:-}

  7. ...BTW, I think Ginger also throws a few 'darling's Fred's way in 'Barkleys of Broadway', inbetween their quarreling... I will just start watching out for it whilst viewing a VKM feature...

    Back to the grammar thing, one COULD use [] instead of (), but it is a pretty risky endeavour... and WHO dare use {} ? Those {} have been the source of many spirited debates... and don;t even THINK about using <> ....those are reserved for those not faint of heart!!!

  8. [] - inserting text into a quote (that wasn't originally there)
    {} - I think those are for math...
    <> - that's for HTML, or Spanish quotes.